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Act on specified commercial transactions

Company NameSeed Portal, LLC.
SellerKosuke Hoshihara
Address 9-3-22 Kamagaya, Kamagaya-city, Chiba, Japan
Contact We will disclose our phone number upon receiving a request via email.
PriceThe accomodation fee is displayed on the booking page for each service or product.
Other expenses Please bear the costs related to internet connection fees, telecommunications line usage, transportation to the facility, and any additional services or products provided at the facility.
Payment methodsBased on the reserved facility (such as cash payment or credit card payment)
Payment duePayment is to be made on the day of accommodation, paid on-site.
Service Delivery The transaction is considered completed upon our confirmation email of the reservation. Details are described on the confirmation email.
Return/ExchangeThe conditions are described under the "Cancellation Policy" section for each product.